Head of IDO visits Soore Mehr Publishing Co.

Hojatoleslam Mohammad Qomi, the head of Islamic Development Organization paid a visit to Soore Mehr Publishing Co.

Accompanying by a number of the deputies and executive managers of the organization, Hojatoleslam Mohammad Qomi, the head of Islamic Development paid a visit to Soore Mehr Publishing Co. and attended some joint sessions with the managers and officials of this main institute of Hozehonari (center for art), public relations office of Islamic Development Organization reported.
In this session, the deputies and managers of Soore Mehr Publishing Co. presented a report on their performance and clarified the activities and programs of this institute in different domains such as producing, publishing, distributing and selling books and they also explained about the achievements of Soore Mehr Publishing Co. in the Tehran International Book Fair.
It should be noted that Soore Mehr Publishing Co. as the custodian of the Hozehonari publications and as a center for producing the works of Hozehonari is in charge of doing planning, designing content, technical production, publishing and distributing books and publications and the other cultural-art products of Hozehonari.
In fact, Soore Mehr Publishing Co. does activities in order to respond to the following needs across the country:
• Getting familiar with the Islamic Revolution discourse by stressing the cultural-revolutionary and Islamic values
• Providing the easy access to the products with high quality and cultural value
• Meeting the families’ need to the culturally pure products
• Supporting the production of value-based works and introducing the new and committed figures
By publishing its precious works in different languages, Soore Mehr Publishing Co. also tries to develop its markets internationally. Putting emphasis on the development of new trends in the publishing industry such as disseminating and developing the electronic publishing based on the standard and international definition is the other macro plans of Soore Mehr Publishing Co. that is going to be fulfilled.


Wednesday, 21 Nov 2018 @ 10:45
Tayebeh Habibi

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