Demanding not presenting, main issue of book-reading

In the 10th session of Booksellers Association of Islamic Revolution Cultural Front, Hojatoleslam Mohammad Qomi, the head of Islamic Development Organization said: The main issue of book-reading is demanding not presenting books.

The 10th session of the Booksellers Association of Islamic Revolution Cultural Front was held at the Sarcheshmeh Cultural Complex on last Thursday with the aim of considering the problems of the bookstores and their interaction with Islamic Development Organization in the presence of the head of Islamic Development Organization and a number of the booksellers from all over the country, public relations office of Islamic Development Organization reported.
In this session, the head of Islamic Development Organization pointed to the advices of Amir al-Moemenin, Ali (AS) to Mohammad Hanifeh in the battle of the Camel (Jamal) about being the flag-bearer; in Nahjul Balaqah, being the flag-bearer has been likened to being the flag-bearer in the cultural front and he said: In the battlefield, you have to look at the enemies’ strategic depth not to their appearance and hullabaloos; of course, you should also look at your own forces’ strategic depth too.
Touching on some parts of the 11th letter of Nahjul Balaqah including the advices of Imam Ali (AS) to the army in the war, Hojatoleslam Mohammad Qomi said: The word of patience in the literature of the religious concepts should be considered in the campaign system.
Pointing out that we have one hundred thousand religious bodies registered in Islamic Development Organization, he specified: If every religious body introduces one book every year, the number of one hundred thousand books should be added to the book sale statistics every year; but, did this happen? We have seventy thousand mosques, but, are the books introduced in mosques? Is selling the books the main problem?
Then, Hojatoleslam Qomi noted that the main problem regarding the book-reading across the country is demanding not presenting the books, adding I don’t mean that presenting the books should be paid less attention, it is also important; we should see what mosques and Friday prayer do for the sake of developing the culture of book-reading.
The head of Islamic Development Organization stated that bookstores can become the cultural authority when they are introduced through different cultural tribunes like religious bodies, mosques, etc.
He also stressed: Islamic Development Organization should play its effective role in selling and using books through its access to and relationship with the narrators, clerics, eulogists, poets, etc.
In the end, some members of the Booksellers Association of Islamic Revolution Cultural Front held talks with the head of Islamic Development Organization and proposed their questions.

Sunday, 9 Dec 2018 @ 10:50
Tayebeh Habibi

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