Director general of IDO Religious Assemblies and Cultural Centers appointed

In a decree, Hojatoleslam Seyyed Naser Mirmohammadian, the deputy of IDO Cultural and Publicity Affairs appointed Hojatoleslam Majid Babakhani as director general of Religious Assemblies and Cultural Centers of IDO.

According to the public relations office of IDO, the text of this decree is as follows:
"Dear Hojatoleslam Majid Babakhani
As well as appreciating our dear brother, Mr. Reza Moamemi Moqadam for his great and sincere efforts, I appoint you as director general of IDO Religious Assemblies and Cultural Centers in order to help this department move on the path of growth and promotion, since, due to the Divine mercy, you are endowed with patience, sincerity, equanimity and tireless endeavor and have the continuous and successful experience of doing organizational, cultural, academic, seminary and jihadi activities.
Organizing the Islamic Revolution Cultural Front is one of the main goals of Islamic Development Organization and such main issue has been considered and stressed by the supreme leader of the Islamic Revolution in the recent years and it intensifies the importance of this issue. Precisely identifying, efficiently organizing and systemizing, supporting, guiding, increasing interaction among capacities and establishing intimate relationship with religious assemblies and religious bodies and cultural activists especially increasing interaction with the headquarters pillars of the organization including Khatem al-Usia (AS) Cultural Foundation are our main strategies in this department.
I hope you will be successful in fulfilling your duties by making sincere and wise endeavor and due to the grace of God, the great Prophet of Islam (S) and Ahl al-Beyt (AS).”



Monday, 10 Dec 2018 @ 11:57
Tayebeh Habibi

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