Secretary of Headquarters of Commemorating 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution victory appointed

In a decree, Hojatoleslam Mohammad Qomi, the head of Islamic Development Organization appointed Ahmad Madahi as the secretary of the Headquarters of Commemorating 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution victory.

According to the public relations office of IDO, the text of this decree is as follows:
“Dear brother, Mr. Ahmad Madahi
Considering the establishment of a special headquarters with the aim of enhancing convergence among the pillars of the organization in the field of the programs related to the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution victory and due to your commitment and expertise, I appoint you as the secretary of this headquarters.
I knew it essential to emphasize that all pillars of Islamic Development Organization and the affiliated institutes should feel responsibility towards this main issue and become ready to completely cooperate with the headquarters.
The most important duties that should be fulfilled by the secretary of the headquarters are as follows:
1- Adjusting the content policy of the IDO programs in this field with the sympathy of the IDO managers
2- Enhancing convergence among the IDO pillars with the aim of fulfilling the mentioned content policy
3- Designing and implementing a national plan in accordance with the content policies and in relation to the IDO pillars
4- Launching a mechanism with the aim of identifying and supporting the creative ideas of the spontaneous groups or different sections of the organization
5- Presenting a weekly report on the performance of the organization by the secretary of the headquarters to the senior assistant of the head of IDO
I ask God, the Almighty to help us be successful in clarifying the Islamic Revolution and its unique value”.



Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018 @ 10:49
Tayebeh Habibi

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