Tebyan, influential and successful institute

Attending the Policymaking Council of the "Everlasting Frames" Popular Festival, Seyyed Shahabedin Vajedi, the representative of Ofogh TV channel knew Tebyan as an influential and successful institute.

The first "Everlasting Frames" Popular Festival holds the competition of family albums with the support of Tebyan institute until June, 2017, public relations office of Islamic Development Organization reported.
Eight cultural institutes and institutions including Tebyan cultural-informative institute and Ofogh TV channel have participated in holding this great popular festival.
During the news conference of this festival, the representative of Ofogh TV channel pointed to the fields of cooperation between Ofogh TV channel and Tebyan institute and said: Surely, this TV channel and Tebyan cultural institute as one of the biggest and most famous cultural institutes in the cyberspace can cooperate with each other in different fields and certainly, such cooperation will yield very positive and good results.
Seyyed Shahabedin Vajedi pointed to the influential and successful role of Tebyan institute in creating the religious culture and added: This institute has prepared and published various contents and subjects in different fields and has succeeded to play an effective role in creating the religious culture and everyone who is a little familiar with the media and virtual activities admits such effectiveness.
Touching on the cooperation between Tebyan institute an Ofogh TV channel, he said: The "Everlasting Frames" Festival is a popular movement designed based on the photos of the family albums and Ofogh TV channel and Tebyan institute attend the policymaking council of this festival and do some influential activities in this festival.
Vajedi knew Tebyan website as a proper ground for giving information to families, and specified: Many of people who use the cyberspace and internet have certainly visited Tebyan website too and enjoyed its content. This website is in contact with families and has presented proper content to all family members.
The representative of Ofogh TV channel knew Tebyan as a good ground for publishing the images and treasury of the everlasting frames, adding this institute with all of its facilities can offer great aid to the publishing of the selected images of this festival and display them as a virtual gallery of this festival.
The first "Everlasting Frames" Popular Festival began its works in January by holding a news conference and will underway until June 2017 and it will display the selected photos of the Sacred Defense, the revolutionary campaigns against the Shah regime, and assassination of the revolutionary figures.



Saturday, 18 Mar 2017 @ 10:10
Tayebeh Habibi

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