Necessity of propagating religion by modern media

One of the main issues that should be always considered by religious preachers is the coordination between the propagation and message and its time and place.

Today, the mass media (radio, TV, Internet) are regarded as our main life accessories and they go beyond geographical borders without any restriction and limitation and are counted as the most important ways to gain knowledge and information and as the most comprehensive, general and competent information resources to humans.
The modern media are the propaganda tools developing increasingly and try to enclose the arena to the rival cultures by producing and broadcasting various and attractive programs and taking advantage of emotions, feelings and even the human nature and control their audiences’ behaviors by controlling their thoughts and changing their attitude.
The modern media, and their performance and results is undoubtedly a very significant issue and as custodians of the religion in the society, we should clarify our stance towards this issue, since, either this new phenomenon can be at the service of the religious propagation and Islam also puts emphasis on taking the most advantage of it or this technology that magically effects the behaviors and thoughts of its audiences is the achievement of our enemies and we will consider the necessity of opposing it from the point of view of Islam.
This article reviews the necessities of the modern media and the necessity of learning the techniques and methods of utilizing them to propagate the religion and the role and mission of seminaries to take the most advantage of the capacities of such modern tools.
We know that modern media are created by humans and emerged after the Renaissance Revolution and they gradually evolved. The source of these modern tools is the Western culture and have roots in the secularist and humanist thoughts and have been invented and developed with the intention of replacing God with technology.
Since, the communication technology as the most important achievement of humans has influenced all dimensions of our life, we should call it as the King of Technology, since, its influence on the societies’ culture has been deeper and more extensive than the other inventions.
Knowing different dimensions of the culture of this technology is a main issue and it is essential for us to identify the philosophy, nature, potentials, different communication theories, cultural results and method of utilizing this technology in order to take advantage of it for the religious informing and clear our relation to this modern phenomenon and make the best use of its capacities to propagate the Islamic values and oppose the enemies’ plots.
The existential philosophy behind any medium is to establish relationship with audiences and attract them. The huge number of mass media and limitation of time and audiences’ ability on one hand and the destructive effects of the information explosion and development of the secular thoughts on the other hand have faced us to a competitive scene and we should strive hard in this cultural jihad as well as being serious in propagating and developing the divine values and identify and oppose the enemies’ propaganda tricks.
Considering the status of the national media in Iran, it is of high importance to identify its special place in the world media arena in order to clarify the goals of the Revolution and develop the Islamic values inside and outside the country, since, the status of IRIB in the world is completely special and unique from different aspects.
As the custodians of the religious institution in the country, we should clear our stance towards this special potential that can and should be used to develop the Islamic teachings and oppose the deviating messages of enemies.
The pure religion of Islam is global and everlasting and its mission is to clarify and adjust the relation among God, human being and the world. Such religion should use all of its potentials for the sake of its development, so that, its heavenly concepts and messages will be conveyed to all men.
The coordination between the publicity and message and its time and place is one of the main issues that should be always considered by the religious preachers. For this reason, the miracles of the divine prophets have been different and in accordance with their audiences, time and place.
The holy Quran assigns us to make ourselves competent to oppose the enemies. So, we should see what is the symbol of competency of our nation and culture and how the enemies’ front has changed. We should see what are the means and methods of opposing enemies in the cultural front and how we should frighten the enemies of the culture of Islam by our publicity competency.
The sirah of the great Prophet of Islam (S) and the infallible Imams (AS) proves this fact that they also made use of all publicity means and methods within the religious laws to develop Islam and spread the divine values and took advantage of visual, written and verbal communications very well.
In order to make the Islamic society competent to oppose the enemies’ plots, Islam has issued orders on the necessity of knowing enemies and learning how to foil the destructive cultural effects.
The establishment of the religious government in Iran intensifies our duty to propagate the Quranic teachings and develop them inside and outside the country and the Islamic government should fulfill this great mission in the best possible way.
One of the main issues that should be considered in the theory of “Propagation of religion by modern media” is knowing the limitation and capacities of the religion to propagate its concepts and becoming familiar with the potentials of the modern media.
Undoubtedly, the written, audio and visual media are completely different in terms of their advantages and disadvantages and each of them has special nature and are not similar in conveying the concepts.
In Iran, the interaction between the religion and media began after the victory of the Islamic Revolution; but, it is not more than one decade that there are serious concerns about this issue and the scientific activities and production of content.
When the religious concepts are proposed in the modern media, we face two new expressions: “Religious media” and “media religion” and it should be considered that what features and conditions these teachings should have when they are broadcasting via media.
Religious media is a kind of media that the content, messages, tools, forms, methods, etc. used for its programs are legal and accepted and they should be adjusted in such a way that they fulfill the ultimate goal and whatever leads to the avoidance and negligence of the ultimate goal is regarded as an obstacle to the message.
In the religious media, the role of agents and all those who do activities to produce message in the output and efficiency of the message is important and it should not be ignored.


Sunday, 29 Jul 2018 @ 12:54
Tayebeh Habibi

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