Studying main factors in cultural stability and change

It is essential to regard the social complexities, the time and place conditions, and audiences’ need while adopting the publicity-religious approach

It is essential to regard the social complexities, the time and place conditions, and audiences’ need while adopting the publicity-religious approach and by making effort to create the culture, it should be presented in such a way that it will include the life-giving teachings of the holy Quran and Ahl al-Beyt (AS).
Today, considering the variety of messages and extensiveness of communication networks and the modern educational and publicity technologies and methods, it is needed to complete and take proper advantage of the new methods and tools of propagation in order to develop and strengthen the role of mosques and people especially youths, although, the method of sermon and pulpit and face to face propagation is rich and influential. We should also make use of the written propagation, media publicity, virtual and art propagandas.
Definitely, this issue with such importance and complexity needs policy and precise and comprehensive planning, and this precious goal will be fulfilled by making endless endeavor, and keeping sincerity, purity, resistance, patience and courage, relying on God and appreciating the opportunities.
The new publicity attitude of IDO cultural and publicity affairs department has been based on all of these interactive and far-sighted dimensions and the direction of planning, management, fulfillment and arrangement of all functions and changes in the publicity affairs have been towards this path. But what has been done with all of its auspicious results, is just a small part of the comprehensive engineering of the religious propagation system and we hope that by following this new approach, its precious and influential results will be manifested.
The following is a brief report on the activities done by the IDO cultural and publicity affairs department during three and a half years with the aim of fulfilling the great mission of religious propagation.
Studying the main factors in cultural stability and change
Culture is the heritage of thousands of years of intellectual, art and industrial endeavors of the nation’s past generations. Each generation transfers its cultural reserves and experiences to the next generation in different ways; culture teaches people how to live, it directs their thoughts and behaviors, adjust the relations among people and different groups of the society and even, it controls the ethnic and national conflicts and determines its limits and borders. In fact, culture and cultural atmosphere has surrounded us completely and we touch and feel it in all individual and social scenes of life and we are affected by it. Studying and considering the factors that cause a culture to remain uniform and intact and not go under changes over the centuries and considering the role of the interior factors in comparison with the exterior factors in the stability and change of cultures and their relation with the cultural confidence and considering the cultural confidence and the factors, mechanisms, and the process of its change and upheaval are the essential issues should be regarded while doing the cultural activities.
Considering the factors influential in increasing people’s interaction and participation in religious propagation
The pious and Muslim people of our country pay special attention to the Islamic rituals and spontaneously hold many religious ceremonies and sessions. These sessions in fact include a huge amount of people’s participation in the religious propagation and they prepare a proper ground for clarifying the great teachings of Islam and religious issues.
Studying and identifying the main factors in decreasing the people’s interaction or increasing their participation from both material (paying costs of propagation)and spiritual (great attendance at the arenas of propagation) aspects will help propagation planners in improving the methods and mechanisms of publicity works and developing the arena of propagation and enhancing the depth of the conveying the religious message.


Saturday, 1 Dec 2018 @ 12:42
Tayebeh Habibi

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